CBDCs – Should You Care?

by | Mar 23, 2023

Do you like freedom, liberty and do you want to decide yourself what you do with your body, what you think and what you decide to do?

But, you don’t have the time or other reasons to do your research and find out what is really happening?

Would you like nobody to interfere with your daily purchases?

Then the following may well be of interest to you…

We will cover here what CBDCs are , or could be and what the status is of your location with regards to this development + what you can do about it…

If not, stop reading and spend your time elsewhere, the following is NOT for you…

First of all, what are CBDCs?

The official definition (by TPTB) goes like this:

Here is the definition according to Wikipedia:

In layman terms, it is digital programmable currency, issued by a Central Bank. Potentially programmable by means of ‘smart contracts’.

And, I think we all know by now how various governments deemed our behaviour, business, movement etc. ‘essential’ and ‘sensible’ during 2020-2022…
For more details, have a look here ‘What is programmable money?’
So, they are programmed like the Chinese Social Credit system, hence digital vouchers, definitely not money.

Note, they call it cryptocurrency, for wholesale and for retail, issued by a central bank! Which is the opposite of decentralised peer to peer cryptocurrency (like BTC).

  • What are the good (sales) points?
  • The points used to sell this new kind of currency is that
  • It is held by a central bank which allegedly can never go broke
  • The transaction speed is many times faster
  • The transaction costs can be many times lower
  • No need for cash anymore (you can not get robbed for your cash at hand or at home)
  • Most if not all of us want a green, sustainable planet for our next generations
  • Universally Accessible

What are the dangers?

  • You need some digital device to receive, wire or spend your CBDCs
  • You need access to a charging point
  • You may be forced/coerced (forced consent) to use a digital biometric ID to get a CBDC digital wallet

And Central planners can decide:

  • Who receives how much
  • May implement NEGATIVE NOMINAL interest rates if they deem necessary (deciding that you should spend more, for you)
  • It may be linked with your Social Credit. Basically a ‘social’ credit score assigned to you based on your compliance or not, with whatever is being asked from you by said central planners
  • In the case of non compliance, central planners can:
    Block, freeze, empty your account if they deem necessary (for example if you support the wrong cause, or they think you may have the wrong thought/idea or ask a wrong question somewhere)
  • Prevent you from buying the things you think you need, if not in compliance with what the powers that be say you need
  • Prevent you from deciding on taking some kind of transport which the powers that be, deem ‘unsustainable’ or ‘non-necessary’
  • Penalising you for supporting the ‘wrong cause’ or having the ‘wrong thought’

What is happening in your Local Area?


Note though that Nigeria failed with their eNeria and in India it isn’t going as planned either (see below).

In addition, a few other countries are cancelling their efforts, like Ecuador and Senegal.

Want to opt out?

Then these are some general principles to take into account.

Courtesy: https://corbettreport.com/


  1. Do not put the cart before the horse: find your community first, then agree which currencies you want to use to transact (without on and off ramping to the legacy financial system)
  2. Don’t waste time finding the PERFECT means of exchange/currency. They all have their flaws and advantages (eg. Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrencies, Sea Shells…)
  3. Take advantage of existing systems (don’t reinvent the wheel)
  4. It is not ALL or nothing (some existing systems may be better to use in the early stages and others later, or, for other purposes)
  5. Act! Baby steps are still steps, no steps, no chance.
  6. Use cash whenever possible. Introduce Cash Only Fridays and ask from your supplier(s)/retailer to either accept cash or find another one
  7. Download the #cashfriday slogan and post it on all your social media platforms.It’s especially important not to type out #cashfriday because of algorithms and censorship

Banksters Celebrate Fiat’s 50th! – Introduction to the CBDC Nightmare (from 2021)

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