Financial Freedom – Trading Incognito

by | Nov 25, 2021

Want to short the S&P500? Want to go long on Silver? But don’t want your local government extortion racket to find out? Look no further. In the following article, I will show you how to privately participate in the markets without fear of your trading profits being exposed to your local state mafia. 

But before we get into the details, I’d like to just say that while there are platforms and ways in which you can trade privately, there is always a risk attached. This is the risk you need to take, a risk worth taking in my opinion, but a risk nevertheless. If you want the safety of a regulated exchange or broker, then this isn’t for you.

As a firm believer in a world without the state and centralised governance, I also believe we have to take responsibility for our own actions. We are free sovereign beings and as they say, “With great power, comes great responsibility”


The first thing you need to do is ensure your connection to the big wide world of the internet is clean, clean from you, that is. So, if you have not yet got yourself a subscription to a VPN service, now would be a good time to do so.

There are plenty to choose from, all with varying levels of protection and customer feedback. Recently I’ve begun to use Mysterieum dVPN. Unlike most VPN providers, Mysterieum is decentralised.

VPN usage is charged in MYST tokens. At the current rates, you will get 10GB of data for $0.50.

Alternatively, you can use a centralised VPN service like ProtonVPN, which accepts Bitcoin for an annual membership.

A few things you should be aware of when using any VPN service to ensure your anonymity remains intact:

      • If you have spyware on your device, a VPN service is not necessarily going to protect you. So if possible, use a device that is clean of such malware. A separate installation of Ubuntu or other Linux distribution is worth considering.
      • When connecting to a VPN service, be aware of your current open connections. For example, if you have Facebook or some other highly invasive social media platform open when you connect to a VPN, these services will automatically log your IP address change. If an investigation into your online activities was to occur, authorities could find a link between your home IP and the VPN IP. The same applies when disconnecting from a VPN – be sure to log out and close down all active connections prior to disconnecting.

While this may seem a little overcautious, it’s better to aim for maximum privacy and security at all times. At least this way, if you drop your guard a little by accident, you dropped it from a place of maximum privacy.


The hardest part to this process is getting money into the game. In all the platforms I will discuss here we will be using cryptocurrency. If you are like me, every monetary asset you own is in cryptocurrency (or precious metals), if however you own no cryptocurrency, then you will have to buy cryptocurrency from a regulated exchange and accept the exposure or use some unregulated OTC service.

Buying cryptocurrency without KYC (know your customer):

  • LocalBitcoins  Only a valid email address and mobile number needed, buy with CASH/PAYPAL/CARD
  • Bisq.Network  Decentralised exchange with fiat onboarding using various payment methods. It’s basically LocalBitcoins, but decentralised and in my opinion the best option.
  • HodlHodl  Another decentralised exchange like Bisq, but using a centralised server to operate.
  • In Person Purchase – When it comes to privacy in the fiat world, Cash is king. Of course, this method can come with its own risks. An element of trust is required, ideally someone you know.

You will also want to make sure you hold your newly purchased cryptocurrency in a wallet that only you hold the private keys of. There are hundreds to choose from, but here are my favourites:

  • Exodus  The exodus wallet is available on Desktop or Mobile devices. You hold your own keys. The wallet can hold over 145 different cryptocurrencies and features a swap function built in. The fees are a little high for swaps, but it is a highly convenient function.
  • Ledger Nano X – The Ledger Nano X is the latest offering from Ledgers’ range of Hardware wallets. With the best security out there and the ability to hold your crypto offline made easy – The Ledger Nano X is a must for anyone holding significant amounts of Cryptocurrency.

So with your internet browsing now private and some cryptocurrency in your wallet, let’s take look at ways you can trade the markets incognito.


If you are trading crypto to crypto then the best place to start is with decentralised exchanges(DEX). There are a few to choose from and all offer different levels of decentralisation.

The two main DEX’s I use are WAVES & Metamask.

  • WAVES  While WAVES to some degree is kept running by a centralized system, the actual exchange of tokens is decentralised. Traders hold their own private key to their WAVES account and using smart contracts the WAVES system ties all your assets to your account. 
  • METAMASK  Metamask is basically a wallet to hold Etheruem tokens, however it allows for swaps of ERC-20 tokens via DEX platforms such as Uniswap. Metamask supports the Binance Smart chain and the Polygon network as well.

Now, if you holding a non-privacy orientated cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for example, then the first trade you want to do before going any further is trading your Bitcoin for Monero. Then send back out your Monero to another wallet you own, then send it to a fresh trading account, unconnected to the account you just used to buy Monero.

But maybe you’d like to short the stock market or go long on silver? Well, look no further.

PrimeXBT – PrimeXBT requires no KYC or identification and no withdrawal limits are in place. The platform offers margin trading using BTC, ETH or USDT for Cryptocurrencies, Stock Indices, Commodities and Forex markets. The platform has been running since 2017 without issue, however you should be aware that PrimeXTC is an unregulated platform and therefore no Government is going to bail you out if they run off with your cash. Welcome to the free market!

PrimeXBT also has something they call ‘Covesting’ which allows you to copy the trades of established and successful traders.

There are other platforms out there which allow you to trade the stock market with cryptocurrency anonymously, but PrimeXBT is the only one I can currently vouch for.


Financial freedom is not just about being wealthy, it is also about your freedom to invest privately without restriction. We live in a world dominated by central bank issued currencies, a world where every nation state wants to take their piece of the pie from anything you personally earn. This is not freedom.

I hope this helps those who want it and while I’d love to go into depth on how to use the platforms and wallets mentioned; I find it a futile task. If you are not capable of learning for yourself, then maybe attempting such things is a bad idea anyway.

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