Freedom is a State of Mind

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Freedom

By James Allard

In a time of great societal upheaval, it would be wise to understand what freedom is, and more importantly, how to find it.

While many consider ‘freedom’ as a term used to measure the level of oppression and restriction placed upon ourselves or another, I would argue this is not the true meaning of freedom.

The word itself is defined in the English language as:

‘the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.’

Which is in line with what I am about to say. Freedom is a state of mind. Any restrictions we feel may have been placed upon us are illusionary. They are the desires of another.

Our freedom is defined by the level of fear and compliance we chose to maintain. For the large part, most of the restrictions we feel imposed on our life are not even defined by law, they are defined by societal expectations. ‘Keeping up appearances’, can be a very hard habit to break. So many struggle on with their lives in a permanent state of stress and relative discontentment because the fear of ‘what others will think’ holds them there prisoner. Most pack their life’s dreams and desires up carefully in a little place in their mind, occasionally revisiting them in times of need. But as lives go on, and time passes by these dreams become fantastical impossibilities of a life you’ll never have.

All of this, is because of one’s own doing, not because of your government, not because anyone physically restrained you and locked you up in a cell; but because your mind kept you prisoner using fear, and you obeyed.

I urge everyone to really look deep into themselves and think about all the things they feel they are unable to do which they attribute to someone, or something else and then write down exactly what is stopping them from trying anyway?

We are free to attempt anything we want, freedom has nothing to do with whether someone or something else may intervene and stop us mid-path. We are free to try and fly from a cliff-top, the lack of wings, gravity and the 200ft drop will likely kill us, but we are free to try.

Now, I’m not trying to take away from the severity of the ever growing tyrannical state backed systems we are seeing pop up all over the World. It cannot be denied that more and more of our actions maybe stopped before they are completed, such as international travel. But we are free to try, we are free to stand up to it and speak out about it.

When must be confident in our own beliefs, we must act upon them and speak freely about them. To hide them away is to discredit our ourselves and what is right.

We are all as free as we allow ourselves to be, and until this simple fact is understood you can never be truly free.

  “Freedom is a state of mind, I said wondering where I’d heard it before, not a state of being. We are all slaves to gravity and morality and the vicissitudes of nature. Our genes govern us much more than we’d like to think. Our bodies can not know absolute freedom but our minds can, can at least try.” ― Walter Mosley

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