Is Money the Root of All Evil?

by | Dec 7, 2021

Some would say, in fact, most would say by default that “Money is the root of all evil”. But is it really, could it be this simple to define the cause of all the worlds evil?

No, is the quick answer, it cannot. Money has actually very little to do with evil, yes it is used by evil people, and it gives evil entities power to do, well evil stuff. But, evil is not born out of money. Evil is a compounding event caused by an ever increasing number of variables.  Evil is the tainting of morality, it is the darkening of the soul.

Evil in many cases is born from an unfortunate random catastrophic event where no evil intent was at play, but mere unfortunate coincidences. But the event may be so terrible for the human mind to cope with that an individual could lose ones mind, and with it ones morality. This individual could then neglect their children, and in turn taint their lives also. In time, these compounding events can create a cycle of evil that never breaks and only strengthens.

Psychopaths exist, born from what complex set of variables, I can not know, but, they exist in all walks of life from your local school caretaker to a billionaire philanthropist.

Psychopaths are typically drawn towards things that can give them power over others, money is one of the tools they use to assist them in this desire. Hence we see a large amount of psychopaths in the corporate world. This desire for power is also why we see many psychopaths in politics.

There are many out there that have a high disregard for those that have lots of money, or to put it more accurately, more money than themselves. People convince themselves that someone with more money than them must in some way be more dishonest, less empathetic, maybe even ‘evil’.

This, in my humble opinion is no more than a psychological trick that people play on themselves to justify being poorer than the targeted, more wealthy person.

It is ok to strive to have lots of money, it is ok to reach your financial goals and be wealthier than all your friends. In fact it is more than ok, why would anyone NOT want to be richer than all their friends and family – it benefits your entire social eco-system. Assuming you are not evil that is.

We will never be wealthy if we believe being wealthy taints our morality. We all deserve to be wealthy and live a life of happiness and prosperity.

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