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Our Newsletters are filled with all the essential information you need to ensure you keep one step ahead of the game. With stock market insights and analysis, cryptocurrency market coverage and insights to new and exciting projects, as well as everything you need to know about surviving and prospering into the new world that lies ahead.


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Premium & VIP subscribers will have access to all future reports we publish long before anyone else, as well as any ebooks we publish over the length of your subscription.Ā 


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Gain access to our Stock Portfolio and recommendations. Let us do the research, analysis and hard work so you don’t need to. Keep track of what we are doing and when we do it.Ā 


Crypto Portfolio

Gain access to our crypto portfolios and recommendations. With over a decade of experience in the crypto space, we have some of the best insights into where the cryptocurrency space is heading and where the big money is heading.


Market Updates

VIP Subscribers will get regular market updates as they happen. With access to our VIP Element group and alerts, we will keep you updated with what you need to know, when you need to know it.Ā 


Discounted 1-on-1 Consultations

Premium subscribers will get 10% off all one-on-one consultations with us and VIP subscribers get a massive 20% off. Discounts apply for as many consultations as you want for the length of your subscription.

Limited Time offer!

For a limited time we are discounting our VIP subscriptions by a massive 50%. We will also throw in a free one hour 1-on-2 Consultation with Kurt & James.

With a 30-day Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied – you can’t go wrong!

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So, How Can We Help You….


Here at the People Empowerment Project, we believe everyone has a right and ability to be empowered. The most valuable education in the modern age does not come from ‘How to..’ courses, debt generating universities or YouTube videos. After all, information on ‘How to’ do something is now free and in abundance on the Internet. No, the most valuable education you will ever get is one which will help to expand the boundaries of your preconditioned mind and evolve your thinking to be critical, rational and with purpose.

‘Understand a Society and you will Understand its Markets’

The future of the great machine we call society can be predetermined with a far greater degree of accuracy than most believe. By understanding where the power structures lie and what their intentions are, as well as monitoring the sentiment of the general population, we can determine what preparations we should make to ensure we are in the best possible position, both financially and mentally down the road.

‘We believe that with the right knowledge and direction anyone can find the peace and freedom they so desireā€™

With deep analysis of past and present global events, reading the documents by elitist organisations like the WEF and the Bilderberg Group, combined with deep analysis of financial markets and an understanding of human psychology we can provide the essential toolkit needed to give you the best chance at surviving whatever these tyrants throw at us.


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We offer a monthly newsletter to anyone that wants it absolutely free of charge. Each month you’ll recieve an overview of the financial markets, what the current geopolitical events are telling us, insights into emerging technologies and how to potentially profit from them. We discuss morality, health and wellness as well as advice and guidance on preparations required for surviving he World that lies ahead.

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In a world where everything is costing more today than it did yesterday, wages have stagnated, and there appears to be no end in sight for the economic death spiral our governments have created for us, the last thing people want to do is to part with even more of their hard earned cash.Ā 

But unlike spotify and netflix subscriptions, this subscription can be considered an investment in itself.


'The right information at the right time can be the difference between success & failure'

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For a limited time we are discounting our VIP subscriptions by a massive 50%. We will also throw in a free one hour 1-on-2 Consultation with Kurt & James.

With a 30-day Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied - you can't go wrong!

15,000 DCM Free Token Airdrop for VIP Subscribers!

Decentralized Chat Portal


We have taken the unusual step of throwing out the traditional centralized platforms of choice for our community group. Discord & Telegram have always been the favourites for most communities, particularly in the world of cryptocurrency and finance, however, we believe in decentralization and privacy – which neither can provide.


The Matrix Protocol

The Matrix Protocol is a platform to manage our conversations. Moreover, it is an open-source platform. So, anyone is allowed to develop the protocol for personal and better usage.

Unlike Telegram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Discord, which are commonly used to manage community discussion, the Matrix Protocol allows total management of each conversation and the community space without the need for a centralized server. For example, it is impossible to manage discord chat from the messenger.

Because the protocol is decentralized, we donā€™t have to depend on any individual server. You can add different chatting platforms into Matrix and manage them all together. In summary, the Matrix Protocol is an open-source and decentralized chat management platform.

As with cryptocurrency, you will be required to manage your own data and security by storing your Matrix Protocol private keys. With these keys you can regain access to your messages using any Matrix compatible client.


Introducing Element

Because the Matrix Protocol is a decentralized protocol that manages data, it means anyone can develop software to manage the data. Our choice of platform is Element. We chose element because it simply is the most feature rich and allows us to provide the type of community space we envisaged.

Element has allowed us to split the People Empowerment Project community chat into different topics as well as providing private discussion rooms as well as rooms for our VIP subscribers.


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Create your new account by following the instructions provided within the application

Will You ‘Own Nothing and Be Happy’?


If malevolent elitists such as Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum get their wicked way, we will own nothing. This is the general consensus between globalist think-tanks and billion philanthropists. The narrative is that in order for humanity to survive sustainably on earth, we must all give up our assets to state.

In the new world being drawn up by Klaus and gang, everyone will be equal regardless of effort and capability. All of us will have nothing and, of course, ‘be happy’. Will you be happy?

Here at the People Empowerment Project, we believe in equal opportunities for all. But equality, regardless of effort and time spent, is little more than communism.

We believe in giving people the knowledge and confidence in order to live the best life possible. Everyone has a different idea of the ‘best life’, but regardless of where your dreams lie, effort on your part is required and so it should be the case.

The People Empowerment Project is offering a counter to this attack on our freedom and right to prosper.

A Walk in The Metaverse

Stay up to date with one of the biggest new emerging technologies and invest opportunities. While the metaverse may well be in direct opposition to everything we stand for, we are rational realists and understand that it is happening whether we like it or not.

Here at the People Empowerment Project, we have been following the emerging Metaverse closely. Though still in it’s early stages, the metaverse or as we’ve duped ‘the betaverse’ has already shown its high potential for large returns on investments into the space, specifically the cryptocurrency and NFT orientated metaverse projects.

We expect this market to grow massively over the coming years and intend to be closely watching to ensure we spot every new opportunity as early as possible.

We’ll keep you up to date with our frequent ‘Walk in the Metaverse’ series, where we take a look at the latest projects coming on the market and he underlying technologies that support them.

Estimated growth in metaverse users by 2024

Estimated growth in the Metaverse Market by 2030

Crypto Getting You Down?


The majority of onboarding into the crypto space occurs during a bull market, the closer the bull market gets to its top, the faster the onboarding. Ā­Which, as you all know is the worst time to get involved.

If we were blessed with a rational population majority, we would see the total opposite occur, but the good news is, because most donā€™t think critically and rationally, and we do, the reward is much higher.

After all, without this dominating mentality, bull and bear markets would not exist in the first place.

So, with all this in mind, and the fact that the cryptocurrency space is now more than 60% down from its all-time-highs last year, now is the time to begin searching out new opportunities in this space. The good news is, you don’t need to do all the hard work. That is what we are here for.


Now is the Time!


With regular updates on the crypto markets in our community group, bi-weekly newsletters giving you the latest insights and research into new projects, as well as access to our cryptocurrency portfolio, our VIP subscribers stay one step ahead of the game and are currently positioning themselves ready for the next bull market, which may not be as far away as you think!

With daily insights on our VIP community group on current state of the crypto markets, fundamentals, mining hash rates and geopolitical events relating to the space, you will be in the best position to make the right moves, at the right time.

Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time we are discounting our VIP subscriptions by a massive 50%. We will also throw in a free one hour 1-on-2 Consultation with Kurt & James.

With a 30-day Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied – you can’t go wrong!

15,000 DCM Free Token Airdrop for VIP Subscribers!

So, Who are we?

Kurt Corthout

Kurt hasĀ aĀ financial backgroundĀ as a former Private Banker and Model Portfolio ManagerĀ for a majorĀ international BankĀ in Europe. HisĀ passion for the financial marketsĀ keptĀ him studyingĀ the financial marketsĀ toĀ position himself and the people he trains on the right side of theĀ trade, noĀ matter which economic cycle we find ourselves in.

Now Kurtā€™sĀ passion is to help people get empowered in financeĀ by training and educating them in the new world of Blockchain technology, high value investingĀ in commodity stocksĀ and precious metals.Ā Therefore,Ā he uses a proprietary system toĀ analyseĀ theĀ different asset classes technically and different sources ofĀ highĀ qualityĀ investment newsletters he has been investing in since decades.

James Allard

James was programming and building PCā€™s by the age of 12, for James, computers were far easier to understandĀ  than people. The logic was calming. Once he’d recovered from the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, he went on to study engineering and C++/JAVA.

As an anarchist and believer in self-sovereignty, James stumbled across bitcoin in 2011, and has been researching and contributing to decentralized solutions ever since.

Now living on the road with his wife and family and dedicating his time to exposing corruption and, more importantly, helping humanity to survive & prosper and bring light to what can sometimes feel like an ever darkening world.

‘Peace, Love & Prosperity’