Welcome to Satoshi’s Circus

by | Feb 6, 2023

Roll up, roll up and come on down to the greatest show the World has ever seen. We have coins with dogs on; we have coins to scam you; we have coins for getting high; we even have coins to help you buy a little fun between the sheets.

Yes, that’s right, here at Satoshi’s we have it all, from thirteen year old ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ wannnabe traders who just love to spend their days pumping altcoins using their pocket money while just teetering on the edge of ‘getting Rekt’, to the notorious supervillain George Soros, who  was a litle late to the party, but made it here in the end  – Soros and his ‘Marry Poppins’ pockets of cash are on board and ready to go!

With 24 hours around the clock Crypto Twitter fun and trading that never stops, Satoshi’s Circus will literally blow your fricken mind. It’s been known to make grown men cry over other people calling Bitcoin Cash, Bcash and others calling Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core. Satoshi’s house of fun accepts everyone and denies nobody, yet it is unforgiving while giving – it can take away your house while delivering a Lambo for another in a single breath.

This is the place where dreams are made, where new eras begin and old eras end. A place where Governments could be made obsolete and the very essence of life itself can be tokenized. Your journey has ended but your destiny awaits.

Welcome to Blockchain, welcome to Cryptocurrency, welcome to Satoshi’s Circus.

Seriously Though…

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, we have been witness to one of the biggest shifts in social mindset the World has ever. Whether by the very fundamentals of Bitcoins decentralized design itself or, the avalanche of blockchain based technologies that have developed off the back of Bitcoin. It may also be that Bitcoin alone is not responsible for this shift in mindset, with the rise of social media and independent journalism no more is a nation be moved by that which is fed to them from their Governments alone. A constant stream of entirely different narratives unfold in front of our very eyes for every noteworthy event in time that occurs.

For millennia humans have relied on a localised information filtered by those at the top of societies hierarchy as a way to draw a mental picture of what the World looks like, and what is happening where they are not. However, now real-time video can be streamed from a cell phone in Cape Town in Africa to a cell phone in Liverpool in England. We can have multiple witnesses of the same event all share their visual and audio experience to billions of people around the World simultaneously.

The mainstream media, and to be honest, most of the general public who know about this space would have you believe that the important part of Bitcoin, the bit that really could change the World is, you guessed it –  Blockchain, however, this is not the case. The most important thing about Bitcoin, the thing that could change the World forever, and might I add, for the better, is its decentralized properties.

Decentraliation is Everything

‘We don’t like Bitcoin, but Blockchain is great’ – this is the sentiment we hear time and time again from people like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan and Warren Buffet, yet the real gem in all of this is not Blockchain, it’s not Cryptocurrency, it’s Decentralization.

Bitcoin without decentralization would be no more than just a digital token using a public ledger. The blockchain is the tool that is used to easily record and distribute the ever-expanding ledger across the network, but a centralized network running a blockchain is well, centralized and therefore of no benefit to society as a whole.

Whether it be money, education, literature, news, artwork, healthcare or just about any other aspect of society, it would be better if its distribution and sustained existence were decentralized. Whenever something is centralized, it becomes open to exploits from third-parties.

For example, if Bob really likes the music that Sarah makes, and Sarah really wants the money Bob is willing to pay to listen to her music, then why should Frank take a cut of the cash just for passing the music from Sarah to Bob. It’s inefficient, it’s nonsensical and it’s incentivising greedy uncreative people to extort those with real skill and talent.

Tokenize Your Soul

Since the birth of the World’s very first ICO, Ethereum, we have seen thousands more follow, and though many people including myself at times love to point the finger and shout ‘Scam’ at the majority of these ICO’s, they do offer something of great value to the World.

Prior to the world of Cryptocurrency and ICO’s the concept of investing ones money into startups or existing companies was daunting to many and out of financial reach for most. However, now just about anyone can invest as little or as much as they want into a whole range of projects within minutes of making the decision to do so. Likewise, people with an idea, a great business proposal but with no financial backing from the corrupt banking system, can raise money for their project with relative ease.

With Ethereums Smart contracts, investors can be given incentives such as returns on companies profits, or the value of the token can be tied to a tangible asset such as Gold or a piece of Artwork. Though the highly speculative nature has attracted some very inexperienced investors, it has also made many inexperienced investors far more experienced along the way.

Yes of course there will be scams, in fact a large proportion of the ICO’s and Cryptocurrencies we see listed on Coinmarketcap.com are no more than scams to make the founders rich exceptionally quick, but there are scams in every new emerging technology. The ever-expanding combined community knowledge and experience eventually makes the problem of scams obsolete.

Imagine a World where you could put some of your money into an organic farm on the other side of the World, you could purchase as little as a dollar or ten thousand dollars of organic farmland from the comfort of your home. Meanwhile the farmers gain another investor from far off lands, farmers who tradional banks will not touch.

Welcome to the house of fun!

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are all exciting spaces to be involved with right now, whether you’re a developer, a trader or just an observer – regardless there is never a dull moment, the price of Cryptocurrencies are always crashing to its inevitable demise or blasting to da moon, a day in Crypto is like 10 years in the precious metal markets.

With bitcoin still in its infancy, a global shift in how we think about finance, a recession knocking at our doors and the dawn of a new indusrial revolution staring us in the face – if you weren’t paying attention, you might want to fix that!

If you would like to share your experience of how you got into Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain then please use the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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