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We offer a range of one-on-one sessions covering a wide variety of topics. Our aim is to not only provide help to those already laying down the path to their own prosperity and self-empowerment, but also to get right back to basics and help those of you who know ‘there must be a better way’, but have no clue on where to start.

The first step in changing the World, is education.

Until we all understand the importance of self-sovereignty, decentralization and individual liberty we can not hope to build a better world for ourselves and our children.

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Who Are We?

Kurt has a financial background as a former Private Banker and Model Portfolio Manager for a major international Bank in Europe. His passion for the financial markets kept him studying the financial markets to position himself and the people he trains on the right side of the trade, no matter which economic cycle we find ourselves in.

Now Kurt’s passion is to help people get empowered in finance by training and educating them in the new world of Blockchain technology, high value investing in commodity stocks and precious metals. Therefore, he uses a proprietary system to analyse the different asset classes technically and different sources of high quality investment newsletters he has been investing in since decades.

Kurt Corthout

James was programming and building PC’s by the age of 12, for James, computers were far easier to understand  than people. The logic was calming. Once he’d recovered from the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, he went on to study engineering and C++/JAVA.

As an anarchist and believer in self-sovereignty, James discovered Bitcoin in 2011, and has been researching and contributing to decentralized solutions ever since.

James now lives on the road with his wife and family, dedicating his time to exposing corruption and more importantly, helping humanity to survive & prosper and bring light to what can sometimes feel like an ever darkening world.

James Allard


What Is The people empowerment project?

Our mission is to help as many people as possible find meaning, purpose and the spirit to live an empowered and inspired life.

We believe that with the right knowledge and direction anyone can find the peace and freedom they so desire.

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Do You Offer Personal One-on-One Consultations?

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