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Kurt Corthout

Kurt Corthout

Kurt, has more than 25 years of experience in managing portfolios and used to do so for a major bank at the early days of his career. While he beat the markets for two consecutive years, he lost his over-performance the third year because he was ‘forced’ to add some ‘internet stocks’ , just before the internet collapse.

The narrative of his boss was ‘the commercial network demands you to add internet exposure’, customers want it… After that the bank he worked for as a model portfolio manager for the Private Banking sector was taken over by a bigger bank, which was called ‘a merger of equals’. Of course, it wasn’t, and hence it was time to look for other waters to sail. He took with him though what he learned from these 3 years and continued to dive even deeper into how the monetary/financial system really works, the things you dont learn at school…

While he worked at the bank, he could rely on a team of buy-side analysts (until the merger) and he combined the skills of the best buy-side analysts with his own technical analysis skills to pick the best stocks at the best time. After this banking experience, he continued to manage his own and a very limited amount of other portfolios. While he replaced his team of buy-side analysts with paid subscriptions to the best investment newsletters out there.

Now he uses that costly information as the input for his stock portfolio selection, if the technical picture looks right to him(proprietary system)… so far, he has been outperforming the broader stock market (S&P 500) by more than 28% since January 2022. Meaning, his current portfolio is up about 13% while the S&P Index is down more than 20%…

James Allard

James Allard

Unlike many other so-called experts, James has been heavily involved with Bitcoin since the days when mining bitcoin on a laptop paid dividends. But we get ahead of ourselves, let’s jump back a little in time.

Born and raised in the UK, James spent his younger years absorbed in computer programming. At just 8 years old he wasn’t satisfied with playing games on his Commodore 16, hell no – he wanted to build his own games or at the very least reverse engineer existing ones. Technology has been at the forefront of James’ interests from as early as he can remember. He started his career as an engineer, building automated machine tools, specialising in logic controllers and software.

An early adopter of the internet, building HTML websites in his spare time and writing his own blog, James has seen the internet spread from the fringes of society until it encapsulated society itself.

As the millennium drew to a close and the noughties reared their ugly head, it wasn’t long before James’ attention began to fall on corruption, global deceptions and the banking fraud – which eventually led to his discovery of bitcoin. A decentralised peer-to-peer money with a fixed supply. A money outside the clutches of the banking elite – this was it! From 2011 onwards, James mined bitcoin, he traded bitcoin, he hoarded bitcoin, he gave bitcoin away, he tried to break bitcoin, create his own bitcoin. The first few years following his discovery of bitcoin were a journey into the mysterious world of cryptography, cypherpunk’s and the dark web.

James has worked inside the cryptospace for over a decade, building and supporting various communities for various projects. In 2006 he began a cryptocurrency news network called ‘The Block Crypt’. The website ran for several years bringing the latest news and research in the space to the public arena. This project came to an end as organisations with more funding saturated the crypto media.

As an indicator of James’ track record on finding winners in the space we can say this, he invested in BTC at $30, XRP at $0.001, Ethereum at $0.50, Monero at $0.10 and MATIC at $0.003 and thats just a small selection of some of the more well know cryptocurrencies he’s been an early investor in.

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