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    Want to be part of a community that believes in an economy of abundance, freedom and decentralized governance?

    Join the fight against the forces’ attempts of populace subjugation and impoverishment.

    I invite you to take part in our truly revolutionary community on the secure & decentralized matrix protocol!

    ➡️ Join the Chat 

    STEP 1

    Download the Element App HERE:

    STEP 2

    Once you have installed the Element application on your device, run through the setup procedure. 

    STEP 3

    Create a new account and keep your details safe. Note: You do not need to enter your email address to create an account.

    STEP 4

    Once you have created your new account on Element Click Here, then Check the details match those below and click ‘continue’

    Welcome to the Community

    Element should now open into the People Empowerment Project Community group.

    You Made it! ✅ 

    Still Having Problems?

    If you are having any issues joing the community chat, please leave your queries below and we will try and assist you. Alternatively you can head over to our facebook page and send us a message there.

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    Find out how we managed to leave the beast system behind us and take back control of our own destiny.


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