Apocalyptic Optimist Naivety

by | Jun 9, 2023

There are a certain subset of people who spend their lives waiting for the great collapse, a financial disaster, the fall of the kingdom, and an end to society as we know it. I call these people Apocalyptic Optimists. I also call these people Naive.

Typically speaking, these people share the same mindset and spirit as myself and undoubtedly many of our readers here at the People Empowerment Project. They see the deep-rooted evil embedded in the very system that enslaves us. The dream of a catastrophic event is the final thread of hope they have, the key to the new world where the power structure is reset and we all get to start over. Often, they have spent a lifetime preparing for this potential event. The end of society marks a time when they can rise up and take the world back.

I get it, I really do. Sounds fricken awesome to me too. But… we know better.

Tell me, what do people do in a catastrophe? 

They look for guidance, they look for the first person offering to lead them. And, who exactly is going to have the most resources to hand to reach the most amount of people  to offer leadership when such a disaster occurs? 

These people don’t roll over and submit. They have contingency plans for every possible scenario. They have contingency plans for contingency plans!

When the proverbial shit, hits the proverbial fan, you can rest assured the most prepared are those with the most power. You can also be sure that most people will turn to those they always turn to in times of great strife, their government.

If the Pandemic has taught us anything, it is that when people are fearful, they will follow the orders of the most powerful. They will accept and agree to any order given, regardless of its lunacy. They will follow the orders and even worse, they will enforce these orders on others.

No… the truth is, in times of catastrophe we need to be very careful, very careful indeed. 

Tick… Tock…

The countdown to societal collapse is on. It begins as soon a new society is born. But don’t expect to get a memo in the post or a heads up in your inbox. Nor should you expect to see grid failure, blood on the streets or a populous uprising. 

The reality will likely be much more subtle. The high hopes of a revolution or a return to the times of ‘every man for himself’ are unlikely in the near future. While collapse is near, this is no ordinary collapse. It is a controlled collapse, and even the most prepared apocalyptic enthusiast seems to agree on this matter. They just seem to get lost in the conclusion.

If a great power controls a collapse, do you think they have no plan in place? Do you think the collapse relieves the common man of his enforced loyalty to the state? Do you think there is no offered solution to the problem?

Of course not. Any controlled collapse that occurs, has a controlled solution ready in waiting. 

Reality Bites

The truth is, when this ship goes down, there are lifeboats in the waiting and most will take them willingly. 

There will be no ‘reset’ where we all return to zero and every man, woman and child begin anew and live in harmony off the land. There will simply be a new order, much the same as the old – but probably even less fair and even more oppressive.

Which is why we shouldn’t become complacent and simply ignore the plans of the powerful few. Now more than ever we must follow exactly what these people have planned, the technologies they intend to use and how it will affect us. We must be proactive in preparation for what is to come in order to be as prepared as possible.

Giving up and waiting for the collapse is the worst thing any of us can do. In doing so, you find yourself exactly where they want you. 

We Navigate

So, what do we do? We navigate our way through this. 

We navigate by educating ourselves on the very world they want to build. We learn the skills necessary to fully understand the technologies they are advancing to replace our labour, the economic systems they are developing to control our wealth and societal infrastructures they envisage.

We must understand what is coming in order to give ourselves any chance of stepping aside from it. 

How can we expect to ever move away from the current power structure if no alternative exists? We need usable alternative structures in place giving people a way to opt-out. We need our own money, our own market places, our own governance. Systems that don’t empower a minority, but empower every single participant. 

We need decentralized autonomous systems in place that cannot be stopped because there is no central point of power. 

I’ve discussed the importance of decentralized technologies before, and I’m not sure I can emphasise enough just how important they are for us to have any hope of building something better. People get way to hung up on the technology aspect of this. They have this idea that because it involves technology, it must be bad. But it is our ignorance to technology, that will be our downfall if we are not careful.  

‘They’ will use technology in every way they can to control us and the society we live in a fashion that best suits their vision of how they want the World to be. We must do the same, it is the only way.

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1 year ago

Great post James!