Biofields – Our Ability to Thrive & Prosper is Under Attack

by | Apr 21, 2023

‘Love conquers all’

Science has undoubtedly made incredible contributions to our understanding of the human body and how to live longer, healthier lives. With a better understanding of our biological makeup, we now know what we should and shouldn’t be putting into our bodies.

However, there is one thing that still baffles scientists to this day – one thing that appears to be the difference between life and death. It’s not about the vitamins or minerals we consume, nor is it dependent on our genetics.

Without this one life-source, we will ultimately perish.

Fredricks Experiment

In the thirteenth century, the German king Frederick II conducted a series of diabolical experiments that were truly disturbing. Despite being driven by a genuine curiosity and desire to learn, he showed no regard for ethics or morality in his pursuit of knowledge.[source]

In one of the most disturbing experiments conducted by German king Frederick II, babies were cruelly ripped from their mothers at birth and placed in the care of nurses. But these weren’t ordinary nurses – they were forbidden from speaking or making any physical contact with the helpless infants.

Frederick’s twisted objective was to discover what language these babies would develop naturally if they were never exposed to any language at all. He sought to uncover the elusive “God’s Language,” the language spoken by Adam and Eve themselves.

The consequences of this heinous experiment were devastating. Despite Frederick’s insatiable thirst for knowledge, the babies never developed any language, they all died!

In 1248 the Italian historian Salimbene di Adam wrote in regards to this experiment:

They Could not live without petting.

The babies died due to lack of love, affection and human contact. Modern medicine refers to this phenomenon as “Failure to thrive”

For some reason, we humans flourish under the influence of love and we gradually die without it.

As Dr. Dean Ornish wrote in his national bestseller, Love & Survival:

“Anything that promotes feelings of love and intimacy is healing; anything that promotes isolation, separation, loneliness, loss, hostility, anger, cynicism, depression, alienation, and related feelings often leads to suffering, disease, and premature death from all causes” (Dean Ornish, Love and Survival, p. 29).[2]

Frederiks Experiment – by Light Bearers

Biofields – The Science of Auras

It is a common misconception that the concept of the human aura is reserved for irrational anti-science new-age hippies. However, this assumption could not be further from the truth. The human aura does indeed exist, and in scientific terms, it is known as a Biofield. The two are one and the same.

This fact was officially recognized in 1994, when a panel on manual modalities concerned with alternative and complementary medicine at the U.S National Institutes of Health coined the term ‘Biofield.’ This was a groundbreaking moment in the recognition of the human aura as a scientifically valid concept.

The significance of this cannot be overstated. The fact that the term ‘Biofield’ was soon after accepted by the U.S National Library of Medicine as a medical subject heading search (MeSH) demonstrates the growing recognition and acceptance of this concept within the scientific community.

The Biofield is defined by Beverly Rubik, Ph. D in her paper ‘The Biofield Hypothesis: It’s Biophysical Basis and Role in Medicine’  as:

…the endogenous, complex dynamic electromagnetic field resulting from the superposition of component EM fields of the organism that is proposed to be involved in self-organization and bio-regulation of the organism [source]

More simply put, Biofields are the natural electromagnetic fields produced by all living organisms that are involved in the biological well-being of the organism.

It is time to set aside our preconceived notions and embrace the reality of the human aura as a legitimate and scientifically recognized concept. By doing so, we may unlock new insights and understanding into the complex workings of the human body and mind.

An interesting example of the importance of this biofield is an experiment performed on Salamanders and Frogs in the early 1960’s.

The regeneration of salamander limbs was shown to be controlled by the salamanders own ability to produce DC microampere currents flowing through the stumps.

It was found that a positive current at the point of injury flows for a few days after the amputation, which stimulates an inflammatory response and initiates the body’s self-healing process (blastema formation).

At this point the current switches to negative and limb generation begins, once the limb has regrown the current switches back to it baseline potential.

This fascinating experiment was documented by Robert Becker’s in his book ‘The Body Electric’. He named this phenomenon the ‘Positive current of injury’

This experiment in salamanders led to further experiments with frogs and rats where limbs could be partially regenerated by artificially reversing the polarity of the voltage at the stump to negative using a miniature battery.

While full limb restoration was not achieved, both the frog and the rat partially regenerated their lost limb.

On the flip-side, more recent studies have found blocking this current at the stump on salamanders prevents limb regeneration, suggesting that bioelectrical factors are the critical controls of limb regeneration[source]

Geophysical Fields Regulate Life Globally

In the Book by G.J.M Thomassen entitled  Geo-Cosmic Relations: The Earth and Its Macro-Environment’ it states that there is a deep interrelationship between geo-cosmic fields and life, because life evolved in the presence of specific natural EM fields on earth.

Many of the natural frequencies associated with the Schumann resonance which is a transverse resonating waveband spanning between the earth and ionosphere produce beneficial effects on organisms including humans, even at low intensities.

The Schumann frequency operates between 7 – 10Hz.

Brain waves at 8 to 10Hz form the alpha band of EEG, which is associated with meditation and relaxation.

When Electromagnetic fields are applied to humans within this bandwidth they go into a psychophysiological state of relaxation.

Different EM fields have different predictable effects on the human body, for example some can stimulate therapeutic effects such as osteogenesis, soft tissue regeneration and immune system enhancement.

Another application for this, one which has been widely used and has been approved by the FDA for over 20 years is the use of pulsed magnetic stimulation at 7Hz to promote bone tissue regeneration. A non-evasive and highly effective treatment for bone fractures.

Organic Wireless Communication

Research has found that even extremely low intensity, non-ionizing EM fields can produce significant effects on biological systems.

The energy content of these fields are so low in fact that it has been suggested that they are acting informationally. While the science in this field is still in its early stages, this informational field of energy has been called ‘Electromagnetic bio-information’

An experiment in 1982 entitled Electromagnetic bioinformation in intercellular interactions'[8] placed two tissue cell cultures in separate isolated containers side by side.

In the first container a virus was introduced which led to disease and death of the cells.

Just 12 hours later, the cells in the second container displayed the same disease features as the first and the cells died.

The study concluded that:

…ultra-weak electromagnetic radiation, possibly in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum, emitted by the living cells carried cell-disease information from one culture to another.[source]

The implications of this Biofield and its ability to transmit and receive information across space are huge and yet it is an area of science still relatively untouched in the mainstream, or should I say, ignored.

Dr. Thornton Streeter DSc discusses Biofield Imaging

Alternative Medicine

Despite being often referred to as pseudoscience and mocked by many, alternative medicines and therapies have a strong scientific foundation. These ancient healing methods are based on a science that we do not yet fully understand.

It is important to keep an open mind and consider the evidence that supports these alternative therapies. While they may not fit into our current understanding of science, it is clear that they have been used successfully for thousands of years.

As we continue to explore the mysteries of the human body and mind, it is essential that we remain open to the possibility that there may be alternative approaches to healing that have yet to be fully understood. By embracing these ancient healing methods, we may discover new insights and solutions to some of the most pressing health concerns of our time.

Here are some of the alternative medical practices which work with our biofields:

Acupuncture is vastly misunderstood, while focus has always been given to the acupoints physical interaction it is actually more likely to do with the interaction with the biofield that causes the undeniable benefits.

Acupoints have shown to be special regions of higher electrical conductivity than the surrounding tissue.

It is suggested that stimulation to these acupoints may actually be a method of transferring bioinformation directly through the biofield to give the desired physical effect on the body.

Homeopathy is an even more controversial treatment, labelled by most of the modern population as quackery, but once again possibly vastly misunderstood.

Biofield science suggests that homeopathic tinctures may hold bioinformation in its ‘structured’ water. Both substances and electromagnetic fields can alter this structure.[source]

These remedies may be so powerful that just being within close proximity of the homeopathic remedy could trigger the beneficial physiological response to the patient.

Reiki and other non-contact biofield therapies are likely mediated through means of electro-magnetic bioinformation. For example, a reiki practitioner may emit low level EM field which impacts the biofield of the patient causing a therapeutic effect.

While the evidence-based science is thin surrounding non-contact therapeutic therapies, this does not mean their effectiveness should be ignored.

With what we are now discovering about the significance of the biofield and the bioinformation that it transmits and receives, it is clear that we should not discount medicines and therapies simply because we have yet to fully understand the science.

The Power of Love

“The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).”

Rollin McCraty, The Energetic Heart

Scientists at the HeartMath foundation did a study to identify if any mutual changes could be detected in the electromagnetic fields of two peoples hearts as they came into close contact. 

The results showed that “when people touch or are in proximity, a transference of the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs”[source]

These electromagnetic fields being generated from the heart contain bioinformation, researchers have yet to understand this language of the heart, but they do know that intentionally generated positive emotions change this information/coding.

Which as states:

That discovery raises the question whether the cardioelectromagnetic field information transmitted from an individual who is angry, fearful, depressed or experiencing some other negative emotion, takes on beneficial properties when it is influenced by positive emotions.

Also, is the care, compassion, love or other positive emotion not only transmitted throughout an individual’s body as the cardioelectromagnetic field radiates through it, but transferred externally as well to people in close proximity or even, perhaps, over long distances?[source]

Modern thinking is that communication is limited to visual and audible interaction, from facial movements and body gestures through to pitch of voice and speed of breathing.

However, evidence now supports that this subtle yet highly influential electromagnetically transmitted bioinformation operates just below our conscious level of awareness and is a highly effective form of communication.[source]

The distance to which our hearts can transmit this field of information energy is relatively unknown, peer reviewed science places it at 3ft, but this is only as accurate as the technology we currently have to measure this electromagnetic field.

As we pointed out earlier, it is not the strength of the fields that seem to be important, but more the bioinformation contained within these electromagnetic fields, regardless of their strength.

So this brings us back full circle to Fredericks experiment which we discussed earlier in this article:

For some reason, we humans flourish under the influence of love and we gradually die without it.

While we still do not fully understand why, there is no doubt that we need love and affection to survive.

It is as significant to the well-being and health of our species as a healthy diet or clean air is.

Direct Attack – Wireless Technology

The discovery of the biofield has brought to light a number of contradictions and concerns that cannot be ignored.

Perhaps the most pressing of these concerns is the use of wireless technologies. While we are being told that there is no evidence to suggest that wireless technologies are harmful to human health or the environment, biofield science would suggest otherwise.

Despite being told that non-ionizing EMF’s are safe for humans, biofield research has shown otherwise.

….that even extremely low intensity, non-ionizing EM fields can produce significant effects on biological systems.

The potential implications of the effects of low intensity, non-ionizing EM fields on biological systems are cause for concern. It is even more worrying when you consider that these effects can be specifically designed through bioinformation.

Although it may sound like a paranoid conspiracy theory, the fact remains that governments and multinational corporations have a history of manipulating people to achieve their desired outcomes. This raises the question of whether these entities could potentially use the effects of EM fields on the biofield as a means of control.

The implications of this possibility are vast, and it is crucial that we remain vigilant and informed about the potential risks and dangers associated with these technologies. As we continue to rely on wireless technologies for our daily lives, it is essential that we take into account the potential impact on our health and well-being, as well as the wider implications for society as a whole.

If our health and well-being are capable of being touched and skewed using low-level electromagnetic fields then we have a serious problem on our hands, one which I believe should be our greatest concern right now.

The following Documentary gives a great insight into the potential dangers surrounding microwave radiation and its effects on our natural frequency state.

The Pandemic Was an Assault on our Biofields

The coronavirus pandemic brought about drastic changes in our social structures, forcing entire nations into household isolation. People were left with limited opportunities for social interaction, with the only escape being social-distanced visits to the food market. As a result, many people found themselves cut off from all human contact and starved of love and affection.

Interestingly, the social distance guidelines were set at just over 3 feet, which is the distance our biofield, or the energy field surrounding our body, can travel. Is this just a coincidence, or is there something more to it?

The negative bioinformation transmitted by the fear-obsessed mainstream media, combined with the confusing and contradictory statements from our governments and health authorities, undoubtedly caused uncountable casualties during the pandemic. Our biofield was under attack from all angles, and it was no friendly fire. It was an intentional assault on our consciousness and well-being.

It is clear that humans need love and social interaction to thrive. The pandemic has deprived many of us of these basic needs, leaving us vulnerable to negative energy and misinformation.

As we work to recover from this crisis, it is important to remember the importance of human connection and to remain vigilant against intentional attacks on our well-being.

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