Facebook Getting You Down? It’s Time To Flote

by | Dec 4, 2021

Social networks have become an important part of modern society. They have become the very foundation of how information is transmitted and received around the World. In fact, in 2020, a survey conducted by the PEW Research Centre[1] found that almost 50% of the population relied on social media for their news, with Facebook being the main source, followed closely by Twitter.

But while these platforms are a very efficient way to spread information, there is one big problem – they are deciding which information posted on the platform gets the maximum visibility and which content is censored altogether. Effectively, they are controlling the information to suit their own agenda.

Censorship is a very dangerous tool when used to shut down the free flow of information between billions of people.

“Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.” – Potter Stewart


Founded in 2019, Flote is a ‘community-driven social network with a focus on user privacy and monetization’.  Flote respects your freedom of speech and allows for all types of content to be shared on the platform.

With an integrated cryptocurrency wallet and payment function, along with the ability for users to monetize their content, Flote gives the power back to the user, rather than advertisers.

A feature of Flote which is particularly useful is the ability to import your archived Facebook account. So if you are sick of Facebook and its fascist regime, you can simply export your Facebook data, close your Facebook account and then import all your photos and posts to Flote.

The Flote team posted a simple guide on this process HERE[2]



We can all complain about the extreme censorship and other immoral behaviours of platforms such as Facebook & Twitter, but unless we begin to use alternatives, nothing will change. The likes of Facebook have billions of users, they are the monopoly. We must support better solutions to global social networking.

We are already seeing success in the alternative video hosting platforms. While YouTube still by far has the largest part of the market, platforms such as Odysee and Bitchute have really begun to make their mark in the space. In fact, I haven’t used YouTube for months. Odysee/LBRY has been a one stop platform for all my video viewing.

Existing alternatives to social media platforms such as Facebook do already exist, we have HIVE, Pocketnet, Minds and MeWe just to name a few and while each of these are perfectly good platforms, they lack the simplicity of Facebook.

Flote in my opinion is the easiest platform for people to transition from Facebook too. With a similar GUI, no cryptographic private keys to manage, no fee to sign up, just create an account, pick a username and away you go!

Flote is currently in Beta, the release of Flote v1.0 is imminent and so it is fair to say, these are the early days for Flote. So, what do the team have in store for the future?


 Imagine if you could connect with a global network of people and offer your products or services directly, without an advertising middleman, simply peer-to-peer commerce in an efficient ad simple way. Well, that is exactly what the Flote Market is designed to allow.

Our aim is to allow ‘content consumers’ and ‘content creators’ to find each other at precisely the right time. Serendipity. Allowing buyers and sellers to match through advanced filtering — with each community member in control of what premium content or other services you see on Flote.

With P2P (peer to peer) payments, creators can keep a lot more of the subscription revenue they generate. With the way that monetisation has worked in the past, we’ve seen at least 50% of revenue going to the platforms themselves. It’s time for this to change. We’re taking control away from Big Tech, and a big part of this is making sure our users get the financial rewards they’re entitled to — without hindering our members overall experience of the platform. – Flote[4]


Flotes new Search function will rapidly improve your ability to find exactly what you were looking for. With enhanced keyword and trend searching, stackable search terms and auto-filtered results, Flote’s new explorer will revolutionise your ability to explore the network.


The long awaited groups function will soon be with us. Those familiar with Facebook groups will undoubtedly find this a welcome addition to the platform.

Flote Groups will allow users to create and manage topic-focused public and private groups to share content and build niche communities. – Flote[4]

But unlike Facebook groups, your group will not be conditional and censored up to the eyeballs, your group, your business.


Yes, of course this simple, yet personally an essential function on any platform I regularly use will be coming soon. Woo Hoo!


One thing I liked about Flote, was that it didn’t launch its platform on the back of a cryptocurrency. The site has been rapidly developed and functional for some time now at the expense of developers and private investors.

However, now that we have a functional social media platform with a clear vision the FLOTE Token is a welcome addition. The token will be used for the internal economy of the platform, giving users the ability to instantly exchange their tokens for products and services. In addition to the most popular posts will rewarded with FLOTE tokens to help incentivize use of the platform.


FLOTE tokens are distributed every day to users based on the engagement they receive for the valuable content they contribute to Flote Social. The daily reward pool is divided by 24 and paid out every hour to our user’s Flote Wallet. The amount of tokens distributed for rewards will follow Bitcoin’s halving schedule and decrease by 50% every 4 years. – Flote Token[5]

The Token is an ERC-20 Token which will run on both the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain, allowing for easy exchange to other cryptocurrencies. In the spirit of Bitcoin, the token will have a limited supply of just 21 million tokens.

These tokens will be distributed as follows:

I’ll leave it there on the FLOTE token, while I believe it will make a great addition to the platform, it shouldn’t be our primary focus. The most important element of this project is to have a social media platform where our speech is free from the tyranny of the state and of course, investors and advertisers.

We need a global platform where anyone can sign up, without proof of identity, without our privacy being abused and our speech being censored – we need exactly what Flote promises.


If you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest developments surrounding the Flote platform there are plenty of ways to get connected.

For those wanting to learn more about the FLOTE token I recommend heading over to the Telegram group listed above to keep up to date with the latest news surrounding the token and its launch.

If you haven’t already, sign up for an account at Flote.app today – and be sure to follow us.

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