The Beast From The East

by | Oct 5, 2022

The following theory is based upon a mix of historical known facts and my understanding, as well as my observational studies of people and the results of their interactions, both big and small. For us to provide the very best, most accurate prediction of where we are heading, we must first look to the past, then re-examine our beliefs and what we consider being common sense.

But theory or not, I think you’ll agree that what I suggest in the following text is in no way a radical or irrational theory to present. When the thing that looks like an orange smells like an orange and even tastes like an orange, it’s probably an orange. There is always a small chance anything, no matter how seemingly obvious it is, what you think it is, is in fact a trick, a deception, an error in our examination of the facts. But the more historical facts align with current day circumstances, the more accurate predictions can be.

Anyway, I ramble – let us begin!

The Fall of an Empire

Throughout history, without exception, all Empires have eventually fallen. And while the social and economic infrastructures may have been very different technologically, they are almost identical in their purpose and functionality.

Empires fall when the power of the political infrastructure begins to fracture and they begin to fracture because to create such an immense power and dominance a very complex infrastructure must be built, and with complexity comes fragility; and with fragility comes vulnerability.

To understand why Empires, fall, you need to understand how an empire rises and the effect on the collective within the empire it has as well as the effect the rising empire has on less developed civilisations. An empire in its prime typically is the most innovative and technologically advanced civilisation on earth. New discoveries in transport, resource mining and efficiency in governance processes create an all-powerful empire that leaves the rest of the world in awe. As their power grew, so did the knowledge that they existed, until all those outside the empire knew of this almighty empire and wanted to either join them or conquer them (or more often than not, both).

Empires dominate in productivity, with far-off lands all wanting a piece of the empire’s innovation and creativity. As the riches flow into the Empire, its people become ever more content, and with contentment comes complacency and laziness. As generations pass within an empire, there eventually comes a tipping point where the perception of opportunity and relative success of the people diminishes. People no longer strive to build a better world for themselves because making a difference seems so far out of their grasp. Meanwhile, emerging less-developed civilisations have a population who begin to see what is possible. The wealth and luxuries of the dominant empire are irresistible to them, and so they work ever harder to build for themselves a replica of the empire. They strive to be the Empire.  

And so, they do, or at least one of them eventually does topple the existing empire. This is the nature of how the human condition reacts to power, prosperity, and wealth. Only when you do not have it are you most eager to get it. Only when times are hard do people find the ability to commit their life fully to doing better. But don’t worry, it’s not all the common people’s fault. Much of this inevitable cycle can be put down to the governance and economic foundations laid down by a small group of people who dominate the direction of the Empire.

The Problem with equality is….

Humans aren’t so bad, really, we are not. While we may have different ideas on how best to deal with the problems and issues that lay before us, we ultimately want the same things for ourselves, love, peace, and prosperity. Typically, we don’t want to see others of our own species suffering or distressed, it’s not in our survival instincts to do so. So, an empire will always strive to push their support for equality.

But it is a deception. An empire does not push equality because they want to be your next-door neighbour and share jammy dodgers over a cup of tea. No, it is because to create equality, you need to have rules, and lots of them. These rules ensure the majority of those in the empire are all living in similar conditions. Some better than others, but all constrained within a relatively small belt of difference. This belt starts off large, and as the dance towards equality goes on, the belt gets smaller, and smaller – pushing those from the top down to meet the middle.

Many misunderstand equality, which is why they fall for this trick. Yes, everyone should have an equal opportunity, but everyone should be equal?

We are not all equal, we are all unique. Every one of us has a different unique code that can used to replicate the vessel we inhabit at conception. Each vessel has strengths and weaknesses, some maybe better than others, while others may be an unfortunate mistake in the blueprint. So, whether it is fair or not, we are physically unequal.

But…. It is way more than that. Our physical vessel just alters how we need to navigate through life. Harder for some, easier for others. The even bigger thing that makes us so inevitably different and unequal is our experiences. Our experiences shape our destiny. Some have many bad experiences; experiences so far beyond our grasp of understanding, and this is just awful. And yes, creating a world where everyone lives in the same environment; with the same education; with the same resources and of course the same set of rules would ensure just about everyone’s experiences are very similar – but think about it, do you want that?

Do we want our actions to not determine our future?

What is a life of bliss for one, is another’s worst nightmare. I have friends with very different lives to me, and yet they are equally as happy as myself. We are all unique, which is in direct opposition to equality.

Who Controls the Money can Control the World

‘Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world’. – Henry Kissinger

Kissinger could have saved a little space and time on this quote as the last pronouncement covers all the above. Money can control everything if the right economic foundations and structures are put into place. ‘The whole world can be mine!’ [evil laugh]

The US dollar is the World currency. It has dominated human society and been hailed as the World Reserve Currency since 1944, following the Bretton Woods agreement. The US and its Allies across Europe and the commonwealth make up the Empire and the dollar as well as each nations own currency form the backbone of the control system. Without control over the money, you can never hope to control the people. And, if you can’t control the people, you cannot have equality (among the many).

Traditionally, other hard assets like gold, silver and rare commodities would make up large parts of an empire’s wealth, and they still do. But they have this covered too. Take gold for example. Twice a day the LBMA in London, UK sets the price of Gold:

The Fix is set by LBMA members who meet twice a day to agree a price that will clear their outstanding orders. This price then determines ‘The London Fix’. The price is based on trade in gold and other precious metals ‘futures’. This futures price is the price that was agreed for future delivery of the metals.

The London Fixed Price is published on UK working weekdays at 11am and 3pm for gold (midday for silver, 2pm for platinum). Orders are processed the following working day.

So, gold prices are not set by supply and demand?

Well, not entirely no. Supply and demand are a factor, but because the supply is largely paper and not physical, the supply is false. But also, because the price is set by humans, rather than naturally occurring through trade price discovery.

An Easterly Breeze

Before I continue, it is worth noting that I don’t think for a second that any of the battle for power we see between the perceived dominating western empire and the rising power in the east is a simple two-sided battle. Rather, I see it as mostly a theatrical game of thrones for the masses. A pathway being paved by a small handful of people who hold no allegiance to any nation state. So, bare this in mind as I move on….

Russian Viruses, Russian Terrorist plots, Russian Disinformation networks, Russians, Russians Everywhere!

The Russians have been the dressed up as the boogieman to the west for decades. Following World War 2, Germans were for a time, to the lead in this part, but it wasn’t long before those ‘pesky commies!’ took centre stage. The Cold War stretched on for decades, starting in the late 1940s right through to the early 90s. With Hollywood and cinema really taking off during this period, effectively dominating the lives of every household in the Western Bloc, Movie villains and criminals had found their stereotype, a Russian, of course!

This bad-guy archetype attributed to Russians never really went away, not even as the 90s fell away to a new millennium. It subsided a little. There as a brief attempt to try and swap out these Russian commies for a suicide-bomber, plane hi-jacking, extremist Muslim or two, but this never really gained too much traction. Russians were the perfect villain. They had the same harsh tone as the already instilled boogieman following WW2 (aka The Germans), but they were taller, they were bigger, they were living in a far-off treacherous land. Did you never see some of those Russian dudes in Arnold Schwarzenegger films of the 80s?

7ft tall and full of muscle, “Vee ar goig to kill yall all” [inhuman laugh]

It is all pantomime, of course. There was no real animosity between the western and the eastern puppeteers of the world, they were just hell bent on making sure the public felt that way. Why, because the quickest way to a one-power one-world environment is to create fear and uncertainty around the remaining existing dominating powers. Fracture them, put them against each other until a resolution must be sort, for the good of the people!

I don’t really want to get into the whats, whys or whoms surrounding the nefarious agendas of elites and their proxy wars upon the world’s population, mainly because a) who cares b) who really knows and c) what exactly can we do about it anyway. But it is important to know where there is currently heading if our trajectory remains as it is.


BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The term was first used in 2001 without South Africa (BRIC) by Goldman Sachs Economist Jim O Neill in a statement he made about how these nations would by 2050 dominate the global economy.

And while the BRICS was a term coined by a US Goldman Sachs employee for these emerging economies, rather than an actual collaborating group of nations working together, they are now indeed working together.

‘Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) are developing a new basket-based reserve currency.’ – Forbes

This all comes in wake of the Wests assault against Russia over their current occupation in the Ukraine. By isolating Russia from the World reserve currency, the dollar, Russia did the obvious – began building out their alliances, they decided rather than beg forgiveness to simply set-up in competition against the West. And it might just work.

As I said, all empires must fall. The timing is ripe, all western bloc economies are in trouble. Covid has exposed the fragility of its infrastructure and the misplaced trust so long freely given to their governments. The golden age peaked three decades ago and has since been holding on for dear life. A plain speaking, bear riding, bad ass Russian like Putin  could be all it takes to topple the West down into oblivion.

This week it was announced that Iran and Argentina had applied to join the BRICS. –

But other countries are showing interest in joining up to the new kid on the block:

Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have expressed interest in membership of the BRICS –

Few are taking this uprising seriously, but they should – it’s actually a massive threat to the Wests dominance over the World. Also, you don’t just lose the top spot and remain a close second. Once you get booted off the top-spot, it’s a long fast fall to the bottom and into the history books.

A New Digital Reserve Currency

Putin has proposed a new reserve currency. A digital currency backed by a basket of commodities.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the minilateral member states were working on developing a new global reserve currency. It is presumed that this global reserve currency, containing the national currencies of the BRICS member states, will be an alternative to the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Right (SDR). At a time when Russia is facing unprecedented global sanctions in the wake of the Ukraine invasion, Putin’s announcement has underscored the importance of recognising the heterogeneous motives of the BRICS nations to not only facilitate intra-BRICS trade in local currencies, but also firewall their global financial interests. –

What this ‘basket of commodities’ will be made up of is unclear, though most expect Gold to make up a significant portion of the reserve. Other commodities speculated are Oil, Bitcoin and silver – but at this point no one really knows anything.

The important thing to understand here is that underdeveloped countries have yet to experience true wealth and standards of living like we have now taken for granted. Look at India, with a population of 1.38 billion and manufacturing still a way off its glory days – they could be a force to reckon with over the coming decades. China already has a military force that would put even the wests military industrial complex to shame. Then you need to consider the dozens of smaller nations, particularly in Africa and the Middle East that have been somewhat disregarded by the West, except for plunder.

One thing is for sure, the BRICS will have to change its name very soon. Another thing for sure is that this rising power will take advantage of geopolitical situations every step of the way.

With all this in mind, be very wary of where you hold your wealth. Looking further east for investment may in time prove very profitable.

The Tipping point is here…… maybe

Notice how the shops here are becoming a little sparse on supplies? Supermarket out of bread, again? Limited range of products?

This is happening all over the country. Supermarkets here in the UK are struggling. After successfully monopolising the food market over the past decade, undercutting high street shops by selling products for profit at just pennies on the pound, and very often at a loss, simply to absorb as many customers as possible, now the isht has hit the proverbial fan. They didn’t expect COVID, they didn’t expect the supply chain implications of global lockdowns, nor did they expect energy price hikes of over 100% in just a couple years.

Supermarkets are not failing because of a single issue; they are failing because their entire model was built around the economic and social environment of the early noughties. Things have drastically changed in a short-period and all of sudden profits are drying up.

But it’s more than that, public services are not being maintained as they should, schools and colleges are often left with not enough teachers to students, hospitals are seeing the longest waiting times in their history and, an interesting one I think at least is the shopping trolley situation.

The shopping trolley being returned to the stand is often considered to represent the moral compass of a society. I’d argue it represented the health of society, but I guess the moral compass a result of a societies health.

Five years ago, rarely would you see a shopping trolley sitting alone in the carpark. If you haven’t noticed already, have a look next time you go shopping. Not only are shopping trolleys left willy-nilly all over the place, they aren’t alone they are with company, plenty of company. People are stressed, people are concerned, people are losing their sense of duty.

And they lose this sense of duty because everything else around them appears to be losing its duty to them. This carefully constructed system we find ourselves living in works like a dream when running under perfect environmental and economic conditions, but this perfect efficiency comes at a cost, it’s brittle like glass. And like glass, it can be fully loaded to capacity and work just fine, but a small impact or two anywhere within its structure and the whole thing can crack and come crashing down.

I think we are almost there, almost at the tipping point. The point in time where the empire begins to fall and the fight for a new empire emerges. I think people are overall not ready for it and I think most will find the next decade a particularly hard one.

But I also think this time of hardship is entirely premeditated, or at the very least encouraged and intended to be taken advantage of.

Seriously when you ‘own nothing’ because you lost it all, the idea of ‘owning nothing and being happy’ can only seem like a win-win solution, right?

The fourth Industrial Revolution is more than just a major shift and breakthrough in technology advancements, it’s a complete overhaul of how society is to be structured.

All I can say is for those unfortunate enough to fall into a state of desperation over the coming years, be careful what you wish for. Very careful indeed. It would be far better if you could find a way around the situation. You don’t want to be saved, really, you don’t.

Most would rate their standard of living based on the current expectations of the society they are a part of. What is poverty for a family in England would be considered above average in most parts of the world. Poverty is relative. Bear this in mind. It can be very important for your state of mind moving forward, regardless of how wealthy you may or may not be.

Finally, with careful planning and a well-informed mind, such shifts of global power and changes in society open the door to some life-changing opportunities.

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