What Would a Wise Man Do?

by | Dec 8, 2022

All the self-help content in the world won’t make a blind bit of difference to your future prospects if you don’t do this. 

The path to success and prosperity is not something that can be learnt. There are not actually ‘10 simple steps’ to reach your goals and be successful. This is a myth, a trick, false hope.

The path to where you want to go is something only you can navigate, for every destiny is unique and the path required to reach it is equally unique.

But there is a trick to this, and it is something that is rarely spoken of exactly in this way. 

The trick comes in the form of a question. A question you must ask yourself before every action you take. 

‘What would a wise man do?’

This is not the same as ‘The secret formula to becoming a billionaire’ or ‘10 steps to happiness’. No, this is not the same at all. This question uses your moral compass and deep aspirations to figure out firstly, who you consider to be a ‘wise man’ and secondly, what you believe they would do in such a situation.

You should ask this question to yourself in everything you do. Whether it is your relationships, your finances or your business – always ask the question: What would a wise man do?

In reality, you know what needs to be done in order to achieve the best results. The problem is ‘you’ get in the way of rational decision making. Whether it be your current emotional state or our addictions and vices. In order to do the right thing we must stop and ask the question from the position of a third-party, a wise third-party. Essentially the wise man is you, however unless we stop for a second and ask the question, we fail to use this wisdom.

“I need more money!”

A common thought for many. But how do most deal with this request?

Most simply continue as they are, maybe put in a little overtime at work if it’s available, but that’s about it. The burning need is there, but a sense of helplessness kicks in, which often leads to alcohol abuse and depression. 

Yet these people know where money comes from. They understand that if they provide something of value to someone else they can receive money in return – this is a basic economic understanding. 

So if it is known what must be done, why do people fail to take action?

Because they don’t stop and ask the question ‘What would a wise man do?’. If they did, they would be reminded of what exactly needs to be done.

A wise man would:

  1. Acknowledge that they need to offer more value
  2. List all the skills they have and consider how each one can be used to provide value to someone else.
  3. Decide your value proposition
  4. Begin taking action to make your value proposition known

Also, don’t forget to trim back any outgoings you may have.

All common sense, all obvious. In fact, you already knew, didn’t you?

For each step of the way, the same question always needs to be asked, ‘What would a wise man do?’. 

Money Vs Reward

Is money a reward? Well, it might be but, and this is a BIG ‘but’, only if it directly correlates to the value you’ve provided. 

By definition ‘reward’ means:

‘a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement.’

If the money isn’t related in any way to the quality of service and effort provided, then the money is not a reward at all. If you promise the best and deliver something far removed from ‘best’, then the money given to you is not a reward. I’d even argue it is a burden. 

Money is not the root of all evil, but money can sour the roots of one’s soul if it is earned from dishonesty and foul play. 

It is best to entirely disregard money as the reward at all, for it can distract you from what’s most important and lead to a loss of focus and motivation.

The real reward from any action taken should be the enjoyment and pleasure of providing value to another. It should come from knowing of your own ability to ‘do what needs to be done’ and doing it as best as you possibly can.

The reward is in the chase, the acquisition, the sale. The reward is coming to an understanding that even if you lose everything; you are wise enough to know what needs to be done to get it all back.

This ability to provide value to others is the most secure form of wealth anyone can hold. No opportunist, bank or government can steal it from you. It cannot be lost (with the exception of mental or physical injuries). 

Knowledge is Power, but Wisdom…..

As the old saying goes ‘Knowledge is Power!’ , but knowledge itself is quite a broad term. After all, an extensive knowledge of breeds of cows in ancient Rome isn’t going to give you much power. 

Wisdom is the knowledge of execution.

‘the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement;’

All the knowledge in the world isn’t going to mean a thing, if you don’t have the knowledge on how to execute any value to the world using your extensive knowledge.

Wisdom is knowing what is best to do in any situation that presents itself. Sometimes this may be accepting that you need help from someone more wise in the matter. We cannot know everything and sometimes it can be very hard to delegate our decision making to another. But, a wise man would do this.

So whether it is a relationship, a family matter, a business decision or something as mundane as which shoes to buy, always take a moment to ask the question “What would a wise man do?”

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